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"We started in 2009 with a simple idea to make awesome websites for clients !"..

Our Satisfied Clients & Customers

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Clients Testimonials

Om Kumar - Founder National Cyber Security of India

“TilakRaj Infotech webhosting services are the most advanced hosting services available according to industry standards, besides they are also cheap in comparison to a number of free services they offer.We support them for designing and development of websites with our contry's first cyber security features .“

Madhav Shankar - National Incharge Antrashtriya Manavadhikar Sangthan

“We never thought of building such a website to reach every individual of the country without the support of TilakRaj Infotech.The most important thing is that the services offered by them are very reliable and cheap with 99.9% availability of website uptime.“

Dr. M.S.Pathak - Chairman Bhagirathi Sewa Samiti

“They design develop and host is what I have heard from the sources but when I approach to them I found that they help you out to put the appropriate web content on the site too so that your website gets the maximum hits.This is what they term as SEO (search engine optimization)“


“I appreciate the Tilakraj web development team for the creativity and complex design of my websites with appropriate content placement.No doubt, their services are much cheaper than other web development organizations with a view that they are available with 24X7 online support for their each clients.“

Mr. Aniket Singh - CEO DKS Solutions

“We are a banglore based company and offer with interactive online elearning study packages like quizes and self interview ,Its difficult to maintain large databases on server so we switched to Tilakraj Infotech hosting services which are the cheapest and most relaible web hosting & web development services available in country with valued customer support.“

Mr. Alok -

“"Tilakraj Infotech web hosting and development services designed my company website and I am glad to see that the number of visitors to my website increases day by day with Tilakraj Infotech SEO(search engine optimazation) soultions which inturn increases my business profits.Well done designers and developers ,you have done a great job.“


“My company started with a small idea to provide wireless internet service which later on turned to advanced IT management services for which we needed best IT consultancy so we switched to Tilakraj Infotech IT consultancy services for the web development and hosting for our corporate website and business venture.They support 24X7 now I realize why they are considered as relaible web hosting & web design/development company .“

Mr. Anil CEO of IHMS

“Keep it up Tilakraj Infotech Team“

Latest Deveploments by Tilak Raj developer team:-


We have designed more than 100 of Worpdress & joomla websites in php. Our development team dedicatedly work fo the upgradation and maintainence of these websites.

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