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"We started in 2009 with a simple idea to make awesome websites for clients !"...

About Company

.:: Introduction ::.

TilakRaj Infotech  is a fully integrated IT consulting and solutions outsourcing company offering a variety of services from basic IT support management to complex Website Designing in providing complete e-commerce services with simultaneous website development, as well as network security and branding of different IT products and their campaigns.
We provide custom software and application development, web application, information security and data recovery , search engine optimization, powerful website design, and web hosting solutions to help your business exceed its technological expectations.
TilakRaj Infotech is a full IT service design firm delivering innovative solutions for clients dreams!. We have designed and launched hundreds of successful websites and branding campaigns for different types of businesses, small and large. Our team of designers and developers have the creative talent to cater to your sense of style and functionality, and the ability to turn your dreams and ideas into reality! Besides this our team of IT Experts and Network Security Consultants deliver industry standard solutions to any growing business to get the most of IT(Information Technology).
Whether you are looking for expert help with a single communications project or seeking a turnkey production service involving IT products and service deliverables ,corporate IT support and management , ecommerce, design and electronic production for web and online delivery, TilakRaj Infotech is your source for productive and creative - technical solutions.

.:: CEO SPEAKS ::.
Its often believed that every small or big business starts with a dream and passion to get successful in it. We believe that nothing happens unless first a dream and nothing is as real as a dream. The world around us can change, but our dream never changes. Even responsibilities do not erase our dreams, neither duty obscure them because the dream is within us and no one can take it away. We realize that everyone is surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase the income, power, influence and success. The problem is, people just don't see them .Thats where TilakRaj Infotech Limited comes in, to wake up people and work hard at fulfilling their dreams , converting the dreams into reality in terms of profitable business. Lastly all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless we got a good team and client support, we can't do much with the other two.

Chief Executive Officer
TilakRaj Infotech.

.:: About Us ::.
Who are we ? The answer comes from the people who built this company .We are professional persons from strong IT background who have technical experiences from a variety of IT Projects which are Govt & Private based.We started with a "Armature" company with the desire to be the best productive IT company of the Nation and give our nation people the best results. We are people in the corporate business with vision ,mission and moral principles, where everyone gets the benefits:
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.:: History ::.
The company was started back in 2008 with an vision to have a profitable business to serve people with IT employment in basic IT Services and a simultaneous running non profitable business to serve people with IT awareness and Computer learning skills .
When we started we had only the founder and 3-4 persons and only a handfull of our local clients. But from the very beginning, we maintained our standard and now we have serviced numerous top level commercial firms and business houses, we have also executed the most challenging projects and carved out masterpieces of IT Technologies.

.:: The Team ::.
We have a talented group of developers,designers, programmers and of course leaders. Our unique talented and hardworking team is our greatest asset today.We do have a solid base of industries best technical consultants who can provide solutions to IT services and develop/design offline or online application,website,network,security systems or software for clients wanting specified, secure quality IT techniques.Thus our dedicated team of professionals provide increasingly the specialized business operations while seeking to improve them from time to time and to help our clients move ahead of the competition in their specified field. Our Business Development experts help you with clearing of bottlenecks that are preventing your business from realizing its full potential despite consistent and persistent efforts on your part for its advertising and promotions.

.:: Premium IT Support, IT Coaching and IT Training ::.
We are small business specialists, technologists, geeks, gadget addicts and general lovers of people and technology.  IT comes in 2 flavours: What maintains equilibrium e.g. IT support and what adds value to your business e.g. IT coaching, training & consultancy. Our services cover both, delivering knowhow with passion and candour.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is fully powered with innovative ideas & state-of-art technologies, to provide easy access to clientele & to promote business entities to tap new world of potential customers & improve their profit margins with timely interaction with clients & world recognized best services, aiming to capture all sectors of biz world

Our Vision is to "Aim Higher to explore new horizons of technological innovations & create new quality benchmarks."
    The Team of Tilak Raj Infotech (Organization Structure)
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  • Technical & Marketing Project Managers
  • 100+ Technical & Developer Team Members -

" Finally we have an aim to have a good business lead to create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion"

-Founder & Managing Director TilakRaj Infotech
Where we stand in terms of number of website we developed in past years & current year ?

2013 - Company has nearly 802+ websites.

2012 - Company had nearly 333+ websites.

2011 - Company developed & host nearly 80 websites.

2010 - Company developed & host nearly 25 websites.

2009 - Company aquired a couple of web hosting services smb's.
2008 - Company started to function with development & hosting of couple of websites.